Relocating with children

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Taking your children abroad

Katya Barry joins us for the second time in this regular feature to talk about relocating with your children. She starts by suggesting ways of settling the children into the local community. Language does not have to be a barrier for the youngest ones and even those in their teens if they are with others who share similar interests and hobbies. It is often the parents who are lagging behind as the result of being with their peers who are also not integrated properly.
With the modern facilities of Skype and the whole internet range of ways of stain in touch, children can stay in contact with friends and family as they create their new world. In the pre-internet days, an infrequent phone call was all there was apart from a letter with a picture or two. Even when close family is involved careful planning will allow everyone to stay in daily contact. Cheaper flights also make it more practical to see each other and particularly those in Europe can have breaks together.
Katya is known as the Global Attitude Architect. She says of herself: My mission is to build a happy and productive environment, just like home, in any part of the world. www.katyabarry.com
I want you to create the most extraordinary life and discover a world of opportunities that the universe has got to offer. What do I do? I specialise in building small businesses and developing career for global minded individuals. I believe that all people have something in common and that we all grow from connection and curiosity.
I am an expat mum to third culture children, a professionally qualified coach (ICF member), speaker and a business lecturer at Globe Business College Munich.
I work on a multinational scale from my home base in Munich, Germany.
Connect with Katya on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/KatyaBarry and Twitter https://twitter.com/katyabarry
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