Selling a Spanish property

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Safe selling with a Spanish lawyer

Selling your Spanish Property
A step by step guide to selling a property in Spain.
This programme is one of a series on legal issues in Spain. Today on Expatsradio.com we’re talking to José María Sánchez, who is the managing director of Andalusian Lawyers and a lawyer specialising in conveyancing, particularly for foreigners buying and/or selling property in southern Spain.

He’s going to guide us through the selling process with a step by step guide. Many foreigners with a property on the market in Spain tend to think that a lawyer isn’t necessary when you come to sell. We ask if this is true.

Jose Maria explains that most sellers think they can do it on their own and save themselves a lawyer’s fees and while it is true that you can do it on your own, it’s also true that a lawyer will ensure your interests are represented and that you get the best possible deal. This usually means you save money in the end. And in any case, it’s worth remembering that the estate agent will be taking 5% commission from the sale of your house and a lawyer’s fees are just a fraction of this!

If we decide to use a lawyer when it comes to selling our property, what can we expect the lawyer to do for us?

Jose Maria goes through the process in this expats radio programme  and describes how your lawyer can save you time, money and make sure everything is done correctly and thus avoid problems later.

To contact Jose Maria visit his website at www.andalusianlawyers.com

If you have a special question about property in Spain, please do contact us and we’ll make a programme about it.

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