Hired, Fired, Fled – win your own copy of this hilarious book!

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Adventures with Charlie Raymond

Hired, Fired, Fled, by Charlie Raymond

– win your own copy of this hilarious book!

What should I be doing with my days on Earth? A profound question which, in our philosophical moments, many of us ask ourselves. But one which very few of us are able to answer with any conviction. And, even if we do, we very rarely go along with the carefully considered conclusion...

Making a rare and refreshing exception to this rule is Charlie Raymond.  His book – Hired Fired, Fled – humorously chronicles his global quest to find himself.  After all, the world is his oyster, and after crashing through fourteen jobs in a similar number of years, he decides to do exactly what he wants to do in order to succeed, regardless of the consequences and sometimes daunting obstacles he has to conquer along his way.

Hired, Fired, Fled is the highly amusing account of Charlie’s bid to put the “oyster theory” to the test - and in doing so, the serial expat finds himself adventuring throughout Africa, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Even though told in a light-hearted way, not all of his adventures were so amusing at the time for poor old Charlie. But, knowing that he only has himself to reply on, he overcomes his obstacles, problems and hindrances more often than not, with a smile on his face and an amusing tale to tell.

Charlie Raymond grew up in London and Dorset and describes himself as a long-term career and travel nomad, always planning another adventure overseas. He has lived across the world, trying many, many different jobs, as he seeks his desired path in life. 

Hired, Fired, Fled had recently been published by Saxon Nomad Media ISBN No. 978-0-9954527-2-5. At 275 pages, it retails at £8.99 at all good bookshops and on Amazon.

However, ExpatsRadio – in conjunction with Charlie himself – has six brand new copies of this hilarious book to give away to listeners. 

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this addictive tome is to send your name and full postal address to:  expatsradio@hotmail.com by midnight on Wednesday, 30th November 2016.  The six lucky winners will each receive their prizes within two weeks of the closing date. Good luck – and happy reading!



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