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Jean-Christophe answer some very direct questions

Star Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli speaks to Expatsradio.com.

In this first interview for Expatsradio.com  Jean- Christophe discusses being an ex-pat in the UK. As some of you may know, he worked with the late Keith Floyd here in Devon where Expatsradio.com is based. He describes his early life in Arras and the example his mother gave him. He describes her as an inspiration and says that she was the one who taught him more about food and cookery than anyone.

His start as a baker gave him a taste of what is was like to be a creator of delicious food and his ambition from then on was to be a chef. Over the last 25 years as an ex-pat in England Jean-Christophe has honed his skills and through various ventures, created a style which is sympathetic to the ingredients. He tells us about the link between food and people and how he tries to engage his students and food lovers to create excellence.

Whilst our interview was taking place a long line of fans, mostly ladies, was forming. The anticipation and excitement was clear to see but we wanted Jean-Christophe to tell us more and were not ready to let him go just then. With the line growing and the expectations of his audience for the cookery demonstration becoming greater we finished our first chat with the 'sexy superchef' question that was almost too obvious to ask. He responded in a modest, light-hearted way which shows what a true artist of the kitchen he is, rather than just a media star.

Our second interview with Jean-Christophe will be on Expatsradio.com very soon.

To find out more about him, please visit his website:  www.jeanchristophenovelli.com
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