Brandy snap with chocolate mousse recipe

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Simple recipe for brandy snaps

Brandy Snaps and Chocolate Mousse Recipe


Be prepared for some hot stuff here as this is a recipe not for the fainthearted!  Would you believe it, Heather actually uses chilli in her brandy snaps in this expats radio programme.  The chocolate mousse doesn't escape either so if you fancy making a sweet with a difference,  why not have a go.  This may be more suitable for adults rather than children but then again we may be wrong.  If your children love chilli they may well find this very yummy indeed.  Heather does warn us to go easy on the chilli otherwise you might go off chocolate and then life would not be worth living any more.

The brandy snaps, which work perfectly with the mousse, are quite easy to make.  Please listen to the programme for alternatives and tips.


Chocolate mousse

170 g/ 7oz dark chocolate (min 70%)

80 mL / 1/3 cup / 3fl oz milk

5 large eggs (5 whites, 1 yolk)

20 g /1oz caster sugar



Put the chocolate and milk into a heatproof bowl, over a pan of water, warm them up slowly making sure that the bottom of the heat proof bowl doesn't touch the water.  Stir the mixture whilst the chocolate is melting.  Whisk five egg whites until stiff, add the sugar and whisk again.  Take the chocolate off the heat, let it cool down for about five minutes (until body temperature) and then mix in 1 egg yolk. If you want you can now add a quarter to half a teaspoon of chilli pepper (in the programme Heather gives you some excellent advice ) .  Now mix some of the meringue with the chocolate to make it more liquid, next add the rest of the meringue by folding it in carefully.  Put this mousse into individual glasses or into one big bowl and pop it into the fridge for at least a couple of hours until it has set.  Take it out of the fridge about 10 minutes before serving.


Brandy snap ingredients

50 g/ 2 oz butter

50 g/ 2 oz caster sugar

50 g/ 2 oz golden syrup

50 g/ 2 oz plain flour

1 tsp ginger

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp brandy/cognac

(1/2 tsp chilli)



Put the butter, sugar and syrup into a small saucepan and melt over a very low heat until the caster sugar has dissolved. Sift the flour and ginger into a bowl.  You can now add roughly half a teaspoon of chilli.  Pour the melted mixture into the dry ingredients and add the lemon juice and brandy.  Mix well. Line a good sized baking tray , about the size of a Swiss roll tin, with some baking parchment and put one tea spoon for each brandy snap (4 per tray) and put them into the oven (350°F,175°C or gas mark 4) for approximately 7 minutes.  Take them out, slide them with the paper onto a clean work surface and let them cool, test with a palette knife underneath the edge and as soon as you can get the brandy snaps to come away from the paper, lift them off and lay them over a rolling pin so that they are nicely rounded.  Following these instructions you can make approx. 14 to 18 brandy snaps.  Store them in an air tight container.  You can serve them with the chocolate mousse but Heather also gives you some other ideas.


Lots more to come from Heather’s kitchen on Expatsradio.com.

If you would like to visit her at her new restaurant in the UK please go to: www.carpentersarmsgastropub.co.uk


We apologise for the echo on the phone line in part of this programme. It is due to circumstances outside our control. We hope it will not spoil your enjoyment of this recipe.


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