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Heather's rustic loaf

Heather's Bread Recipe 1


Heather Hurley of www.carpentersarmsgastropub.co.uk brings us regular features on food and how to prepare it. In this programme those of you with a bread maker may well want to experiment with Heather's first bread recipe.  As Heather says, what is better than the smell of freshly baked bread?  Don't worry if you don't have a bread maker, because Heather will be catering for you  in future features. 

This recipe is for a rustic white loaf which she makes in her bread maker on the rapid cycle. For more detailed instructions and tips, please listen to the programme on the Living France website or at Expatsradio.com.


Ingredients for a large rustic white loaf of bread:


170 mL or 6 fl oz of semi-skimmed milk

150 mL or 5 fl oz of water

340 g or 12 oz of unbleached white bread flour

110 g or 4 oz of wholemeal bread flour

1 teaspoon =5ml of salt

3 teaspoons=15ml of sugar

25 g or 1 ounce of butter

2 1/2 ml or half a teaspoon of easy blend dried yeast


Don't forget to put the kneader/paddle in the bread machine!  Then you heat the milk and the water, until lukewarm.  Pour this into the bread pan and sprinkle all the flour on top of the liquid. Add the salt, sugar and the butter in separate corners and make a little well in the flour, making sure not to expose the liquid and add the yeast.  Now select the rapid cycle and press start When the bread is baked turn it out onto a rack and allow to cool. One useful tip is not to take out the paddle which will be in the bottom of the loaf until at least one hour after the bread is removed from the machine. This will prevent you pulling the centre of the bread out as you remove it. More recipes to come on bread and seasonal produce.


To make contact with Heather: www.carpentersarmsgastropub.co.uk or via contact 


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