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One of the biggest pleasures in living in or visiting foreign lands is the experience of local and regional gastronomy. Eating out or cooking at home is always an adventure and ExpatsRadio is proud to present regular and exciting programmes about the culinary delights of different regions of Europe and beyond – brought to you by some of the best-known and best-respected names in the world of delicious food and fine wine.
Boozy pudding
Delicious recipes for your barbecue party
Delicious seasonal recipe
Daffodil cake to make for your Easter table
Fabulous food ideas
Heather Hurley prepares a really special 3-course meal to help celebrate St. Valentine's night.
Delicious traditional pies
Have a go at a pie wherever you are in the world!!
Tasty recipe with mint
With the odd May weather we thought we'd take you to the sun with this recipe
Asparagus recipe
Spring is here and food such as asparagus is in the shops so Heather has a delicious recipe for you
Simnel cake recipe to make at home
Delicious recipe to delight the family at Easter time
Delicious straight from the oven
Hot cross bun recipe to make wherever you are. The first of three traditional recipes.
Carlo and his award winning chocolates
Learn to make your own Swiss chocolates from the master
Foodies delight with duck
Heather's Duck Cassoulet is ideal for a party with loads of crusty bread and good red wine!
Calais offers fabulous food at special prices
Nip across the Channel for a taste tour of France at the annual Calais Wine & Food Fair over the weekend of 8-10 March

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