Wildlife gardening with Erika Pepe

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bee friendly gardening

This time around, Erika, our German Moon Gardener, tells us about encouraging wildlife into our gardens by careful planting and avoiding such things as slug pellets. It may take a few seasons to get set up organically but it will be worth it! if you have the space, why not let a piece of land go wild and seed with wild flowers. You'll be surprised what this brings into your garden.
Erika is very committed to bees and keeps them at her house. She tells us about her experiences of collecting a swarm and not to just consider the honey but also that you are doing your bit to save them. Erika went on a course to learn all about these fascinating creatures. If you are interested, please listen to some of our other bee programmes made with www.biobees.com and Charlie Dimmock of BBC's 'Ground Force'. Just type in bees in the search bar at the top of any page on our website to find them.
Further information from the programmes we make and more on moon gardening can be found on her site at: www.lunarorganics.co.uk Over the coming months we shall look at how to prepare and grow various plants as well as practical tips for saving even more money. You can also buy a Moon Gardening pack including a calendar and she has a variety of organic seeds on sale to encourage more wildlife. To make contact with Erika you can go to her website at: www.lunarorganics.com or you can reach us at expatsradio@hotmail.com for this or any other details on programming. www.expatsradio.com

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