Lunar gardening for planting in winter

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Crops that are now coming in

Erika Pepe joins us again to discuss what kind of plants we could still grow over the winter period. She tells us that the cold and even more importantly, the lack of light influence the growth of your plants and result in smaller or delayed crops.
She suggest you could try to bring on beans, peas and beetroot and perhaps even some rocket for your table by starting them in a sun lounge or other warmer place. It is already a little late but there is a good chance that if you can move them outside before it gets too cold that you will get a crop.
Expatsradio has taken a chance and we have put in seeds for winter kale and cauliflowers as well Erika's suggestions! We have also put up a polytunnel bought cheaply from e-bay and that now houses the vegetables we want to try keeping going until the spring. The list includes, lettuce, leeks, kohl rabbi, sprouts, spinach purple sprouting and some herbs. It is our first year so it will be interesting to see what succeeds.
Erika also tells us about seeds. She saves her seeds from the organic garden and describes how you can do it too. Don't forget that f1 seeds and hybrids give uncertain results the second year while home-grown seeds do better as they have already got used to the conditions they will be groaning in.
We mentioned Erika's competition to win starter packs for Moon Gardening which is on www.expatsradio.com website in the competition section.
You can also buy a Moon Gardening pack including a calendar and she has a variety of organic seeds on sale to encourage more wildlife. To make contact with Erika you can go to her website at: www.lunarorganics.com or you can reach us via the contact link on any page of www.expatsradio.com for this or any other details on programming. Follow us on Twitter @Expats_radio or become a fan on Facebook for all the latest news and events and special fan follower offers...


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