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Cancer Support France is in its tenth year and still growing. We speak to Linda Shepherd, the extremely courageous lady who started the whole thing. She explains how the organisation works and what it can offer those English-speakers who suddenly find their new world has collapsed as a direct result of cancer.
Linda tells us that they offer translating services and support for family members as well as the patient. They are also using some of the donations to produce useful booklets and information packs in English that you can take home with you once you have had a diagnosis. She explains that most people no matter how good their French is, only hear the word cancer and the rest of the conversation is a blur. These booklets and the supporter will help the patient and families to come to terms with what has happened and how the next steps come into play.
For those of you who would like to donate, there is now Paypal in the system to make it easier. UK cheques or payments in UK pounds cost a good percentage of the donation to convert so this new method makes everything simpler without the problem of paperwork having to be presented.
The CSF Touchlines Newsletter is available as a download from the website and it will keep you up to date on what is happening in the organisation. One such news item is that Paris is about to open an office and volunteers are urgently required. If it is something you would like to do then please contact one of the addresses at the foot of this article. Full training will be given and you will be volunteering for some very worthwhile.
Finally in our chat we discussed the forum. This is a great way of having your say and reaching others. Links to all the abovementioned items are at the foot of this page or via the website.

E-mail: cancersupportfrance@orange.fr
Website: www.cancersupportfrance.info
Internet Forum: http://csf-forum.org
President: Linda Shepherd presidentcsf@gmail.com

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