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As all expats will appreciate, the legal complexities involved in moving abroad, buying property, setting up a business, paying taxes, etc., etc., are sometimes more than enough to put you off the whole idea! However, with a logical approach and some serious homework and research, everything is normally surprisingly clear-cut. That’s where ExpatsRadio comes in... with regular programmes from hand-picked experts covering the whole range of legal topics who are often willing to answer individual questions to put your mind at rest.
A quick one for the road
A council in Ireland has voted to back a motion allowing some people to drive while above the legal alcohol limit.
Dream houses but be aware of problems
Stop and check the situation when you buy and sell French houses
Hard times for pensioners
Frozen pensions can mean as little as £30 to live on
Winter fuel allowances for expats
Why can expats not vote in UK elections?
Lots of choice in Spain with houses for sale
Selling your Spanish property safely with a Spanish specialist lawyer
Getting married abroad
Getting married in Spain is not as easy as we would like to believe but cheaper than the Maldives or Caribbean
Spanish inheritance law
Spanish inheritance law explained by Jose
Septic tanks and the regulations
Estate agent Pippa Weitz tells us more on property, septic tanks and inheritance changes
Americans Citizens Abroad
American Citizens Abroad members speak to Bob Zanotti on Expatsradio
French house sale
Barbara Heslop of Heslop and Platt takes us through the 5 stages of selling a French property.

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