Winter fuel payments, frozen pensions and expat votes

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No votes for expats after 15 years

Brian Cave speaks to Expatsradio.com about the latest on the winter fuel payment and voting rights for expats who have been abroad for more than 15 years.
Unlike the United States, Switzerland and most other developed countries in the world, among which most of the Member States of the EU including France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and, Spain, the United Kingdom strips its citizens of the right to vote in Parliamentary elections for the mere fact of having resided abroad for more than 15 years. Brian tells us that this is unjust and even though expats may live in another country they still have bonds with the Uk including paying taxes there.
Exceptions exist for the military, civil servants and British Council employees. But all other British expats, including English teachers at schools other than the British Council, lose the
right to vote after 15 years abroad. Apart from expats, the only other British citizens who do not enjoy the right to vote are children, individuals who suffer from mental illnesses such
that they are confined within mental institutions, and criminals whilst imprisoned.
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email:- lefourquet@orange.fr
web site:- www.lefourquet.net

Blogs :-- http://pensionersdebout.blogspot.com/

Brian says, 'Urge the peers to support Lord Lexden on October 23rd. when he tables an amendment to the Electoral Registration Bill to give the vote for Life to all Britons Abroad.'
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