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Mortgages, money transfers, property values, pensions, inheritance laws, social charges, taxes... the list is seemingly endless. However, ExpatsRadio is here to help - providing regular information, news and updates from a wide range of industry experts.
Talent or optimism?
Is there room for optimism today? And are savers more attractive than spenders?
Podcasts for all?
The future of podcasts and the radio, and are you making the most of your memory?
Libby Gill
How to get your clients to trust you, and how to make your book a success
Japanese sushi
Japan, Switzerland and Norway have topped the list of countries where expats find living costs much higher than costs in the UK
Doug Goldstein
Hitting the curveballs: crisis makes you stronger, and using economic models for real life
Dotto tech
How to make the best of modern technology, and how meditating 9 minutes a day can help you
In 2013, the UK Government changed the UK tax rules on residence
Green shoots
The state of the world’s economy, and how thinking effectively will help you
How to be happy
What goes into the food you eat, and how happiness makes you more successful
Digital money
Does the world need a new currency? And how a new way to search the Internet can help you.
Real estate investment
Is real estate a good investment? And why is there still so much poverty in the world?

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