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Providing useful and often vital information is of paramount importance to the dedicated team at ExpatsRadio. But we all like to chill out now and again with our favourite music and artistes. That’s why we have gained a reputation over the years for providing some of the best and most diverse music programmes available anywhere on the net! Unless it’s particularly extraordinary, we don’t feature everyday pop which can be heard on a thousand other radio stations. But we do feature the more unusual sounds and talents from across the world, many of which rarely receive their rightful airing. On occasion, we also ask celebrities to share with us their favourites. Why do we do all this? Because we know what our listeners want! Tune in… chill out.
Mark plays some favourites
AD 2016: an annus disasterosus if ever there was one
Terry at Christmas
Part two of Terry Clear's Christmas cracker!
Mark's last show
Soon it will be Christmas, but DJ Sampo will find himself out of work!
Terry brings us Christmas cheer
Get into the Christmas spirit with Terry in this two part programme
Azymuth return
Our resident DJ celebrates the life, hits, influences and cohorts of the man behind the controls at Sea-Saint Studios Allen Toussaint
World music with Mark
More live gems from concerts around the world
Live set
In concert, en direct. Not our intrepid disc jockey, but the artists Mark has chosen
Disco is back with Mark Sampson
Quartet of vocalists
Expat talent? Listen to this quartet from Aquitaine!
Book signing at show in London
Actress and TV star Carol Drinkwater plays her top ten music choices and talks about her life
World music with Mark
Inspired by a joyful piece of musical delirium by Lonnie Liston Smith in the park
Elza Soares
The legendary Bukka White recorded his 'Jitterbug Swing' with Washboard Sam in 1940

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