TV star and writer Carol Drinkwater on music and her life

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Carol Drinkwater presents her new olive book

Actress and Writer Carol Drinkwater's Tracks of My Years
When Expatsradio.com asked actress and writer Carol Drinkwater to choose her ten favourite tracks with a significance in her life she replied, "This is an impossible choice for me. I own over 3,000 CDs and on my laptop and Ipod have almost two year’s worth of music... For the purposes of this programme: history of Carol D through ten popular pieces of music. I have chosen songs and music which have touched me and been a feature of my life.

My father was a trad jazz and dance musician so music was in my life long before books and has remained an important part of it.

I think I have ten and here they are!! What FUN choosing.

John Pierce follows her story and plays the music in this edition of our series with prominent expats entitled 'Tracks of My Years'. Carol's selection includes styles from Bobby Vee to Ella Fitzgerald.

To learn more about Carol and her books please visit her site at: www.caroldrinkwater.com
Her latest, 'Return to the Olive Farm" is now in the shops.
Non Fiction Publishing Director Alan Samson selects Return to the Olive Farm as his favourite new book of 2010

After sixteen months of travelling round the Mediterranean in search of the ancient secrets of the olive tree, Carol returns to her beloved olive farm in the south of France, to her husband Michel and his burgeoning family. However, the homecoming celebrations are overshadowed by disturbing discoveries.

The plight of the honey bee has become an international crisis and Carol is faced with unsettling news about the hives on her own olive farm.  The bee colony that has regularly wintered at Carol's farm has been decimated while she was away, poisoned by insecticides.

While the multinational companies are pushing for 'bigger, better, bumper' crops, a small band of farmers and ecologists are calling for a halt to many of the modern farming malpractices that are endangering the planet. Carol is amongst them.  But it puts her own farm, her idyll, under threat.  At what point do you turn your back on all that you believe in and all that you have been fighting for?

This is the story of how Carol and Michel struggle with some difficult choices, and how they decide to deal with the unavoidable disappointments and inevitable responsibilities that come with running an organic farm.  RETURN TO THE OLIVE FARM is a song of the earth. With its lyricism, humanity and humour, this beautifully written book passionately confronts the issues of today; issues that impact upon each and every one of us.

The Frenchpaper says:
“In my opinion this is Carol’s best book to date.”

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