'Jitterbug Swing' with Mark Sampson

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Radio Show June 2016 'Jitterbug Swing'


The legendary Bukka White recorded his 'Jitterbug Swing' with Washboard Sam in 1940. They were swinging before it (in the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra for one) and they were swinging in 1960s London and they've been swinging ever since – as Mark tries to prove with some concrete evidence that ranges across genres (from the BeBop of Bud Powell to the unique New Orleans R&B Rumba of Professor Longhair) and across the world (from Tanzania to Jamaica). And if that's not enough, a whole batch of dazzling new releases and re-releases is liable to trigger double-digit inflation.  


Intro: Dolapdere Big Gang 'Smoke on the water'

Track 1: Golden Gate Quartet – 'Swing down, chariot'

Track 2: Bukka White – 'Bukka's Jitterbug Swing'

Track 3: Fletcher Henderson Orchestra – 'Knock knock, who's there?'

Track 4: Bud Powell – 'Get happy'

Track 5: Professor Longhair – 'Mardi Gras in New Orleans'

Track 6: Clue J's Blues Blasters feat. Ernest Ranglin – 'Silky'

Track 7: Dawn Penn – 'You don't love me (no no no)'

Track 8: Mop Mop – 'Alfa'

Track 9: Antony Joseph – 'Neckbone'

Track 10: Azymuth – 'Maracana'

Track 11: Dionisio Maio – 'Dia Ja Manche'

Track 11: Sunburst – 'KK of Zambia'

Track 12: Lynn Hope – 'Shocking'

Track 13: Brian Auger & the Trinity – 'Kiko'

Track 14: Elza Soares – 'Canal'



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