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World Music Show 'The Disco High Life'


A lover of dance music, Kubla Khan did in Xanadu a pleasure dome decree. The ancients came from far and wide to dance the Ali shuffle 'neath the sparkling mirror globes spinning from his star-spangled ceiling. Disco was born and it would last until Whit Stillman made his film The Last Days of Disco late in the 20th century. In the days when it ruled the world, its influence would spread from Philadelphia to Lagos and back via Rio. In his latest programme, DJ Sampo sets out to prove that it even tempted jazz musicians to change 'cause it made them want to hustle. Stay tuned for some of the best sounds twixt heaven and hell – and a clutch of exhilarating new releases. Zip up your boots and go back to your roots!


Intro: Dolapdere Big Gang – 'Smoke on the water'

Track 1: Orlando Julius – 'Disco Hi-life'

Track 2: Odyssey – 'Back to my roots'

Track 3: Silk – 'I can't stop (turning you on)'

Track 4: Archie Bell & the Drells – 'Don't let love get you down'

Track 5: De La Soul – 'A roller skating jam named "Saturdays"'

Track 6: Donald Byrd – 'Change (Makes you want to hustle)'

Track 7: Victor Abimbola Olaiya – 'Cold sweat'

Track 8: William Onyeabor – 'Heaven and hell'

Track 9: Chic – 'Funny bone'

Track 10: Blue Feather – 'Let's funk tonight'

Track 11: Azymuth – 'Dear Limmertz'

Track 12: Graveola – 'Indio maracanã'

Track 13: La Mambanegra – 'La Galeria'

Track 14: Martin Scragg – 'Small coal'



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