'More Live than Evil' with Mark Sampson

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Mark Sampson world music

 'More Live than Evil'


Such was the unprecedented volume of letters generated by our resident DJ's previous show which immersed us in live music, that we had to go cap in hand to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory to borrow a few Oompa-Loompas to help out with all the pressing replies. So if you wrote in, yours is in the post. Meanwhile, you'll be tickled to know that there are more live gems from concerts around the world – from the Prez, Lester Young, live in New York, 1949 to the good Doctor, Mac Rebennak, live at Montreux in 2006. Add to that a host of leaping beauties released during the golden month of Oktober and it all adds up to the kind of musical event that you dare not miss. 'So let the side show begin, hurry hurry!'


Intro: Dolapdere Big Gang – 'Smoke on the water'

Track 1: Lester Young – 'DB Blues'

Track 2: Clifton Chenier – 'Money'

Track 3: Bobby 'Blue' Bland – 'Ain't that loving you'

Track 4: Donny Hathaway – 'Little ghetto boy'

Track 5: Curtis Mayfield – 'Billy Jack'

Track 6: Les McCann & Eddie Harris – 'Cold duck time'

Track 7: Dr. John – 'Makin' whoopee'

Track 8: Stuart McCallum & Mike Walker – 'Debussy'

Track 9: Dinosaur – 'Interlude'

Track 10: Trio Mocotó – 'Não vá embora'

Track 11: Orquesta Mendoza – 'Contra la marea'

Track 12: Joyce Moreno – 'My favorite things'

Track 13: Black Roots – 'Move On'

Track 14: Erica Alves – 'Teco no rapé'

Track 15: Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul – 'Paysage volé'

Track 16: Weather Report – 'Elegant people'


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