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Providing useful and often vital information is of paramount importance to the dedicated team at ExpatsRadio. But we all like to chill out now and again with our favourite music and artistes. That’s why we have gained a reputation over the years for providing some of the best and most diverse music programmes available anywhere on the net! Unless it’s particularly extraordinary, we don’t feature everyday pop which can be heard on a thousand other radio stations. But we do feature the more unusual sounds and talents from across the world, many of which rarely receive their rightful airing. On occasion, we also ask celebrities to share with us their favourites. Why do we do all this? Because we know what our listeners want! Tune in… chill out.
Katrina wins for the UK
Joe and Jake bid for Eurvision and we chat with the last UK winner Katrina
Mark heads for Africa
This month, Mark takes his title from a new release on the hippermost Strut label
More musical treasures from Mark
'Here Comes the Sun' marks both the unique touch and the sad passing of the '5th Beatle', George Martin.
Music from around the world
With the great EU debate now raging in the UK our nervous DJ reflects this month on the moment of truth
All the number 1's
Terry Clear bring you all the no 1's of 1966
Mark hits the reggae trail
A cornucopia of reggae with Mark
World music with Mark
It's a new year – and a new theme song. And a chance to look back on some of the best music of 2015
Father Christmas from Mark Sampson
Winter brings a cold, cold feeling but music can still warm the cockles of your heart.
Musical mavericks from Mark's collection
The title of this month's show comes from one of Slim Gaillard's whacky nonsensical songs
Sam Baker with a new CD from Texas
Sam Baker is back in the UK touring.
Versions of songs you may have thought were originals
Terry opens up his record collection again to bring us a new covers show
Singer songwriter Shannon
Canadian singer/songwriter Shannon Lyon in the studio in Spain where he plays three of his songs live

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