PETA says stop wearing fur

Fur is not fun

We are all aware of some of the terrible things that happen to animals in the name of science but there are many more that we justify for food, drug safety, make-up and fashion. Expatsradio works from the countryside and we have many pets within our group of presenters as well as nature all around us. We find it hard to see these thing occurring and support PETA in its work to limit cruelty.
PETA has many high profile supporters from all walk of life including many stars such as Sir Roger Moore, whom you may have heard on Expatsradio talking about foie gras. Brian May is currently supporting the campaign to prevent badger culls and Bill Oddie wants shops to stop selling cruelly produced food products.
Now we have what some might describe as a graphic play on sex but we hope you will see it more as a way of getting attention and your support.
Real housewives of Miami cast member Joanna Krupa, named "Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World" by Playboy, is taking almost everything off for animals in her brand-new PETA ad, in which she points out the absurdity of wearing fur and fur trim by wearing "a bit" of it herself. The full ad is available here.
She states,"I wanted to do this campaign to keep talking to people about how bad fur is. Stop! Fur is not sexy. It's not cool", Krupa says in her PETA interview. "You're walking down the street wearing fur – you really look like an idiot!"
Animals who are killed for their fur endure excruciating pain and suffering. On fur farms, animals spend their entire lives in cramped, filthy cages before they are violently killed by genital electrocution or other equally crude methods. Fur-bearing animals trapped in the wild often chew through their own limbs in an attempt to escape. Undercover investigations have revealed that animals are often skinned while conscious and able to feel pain.
We hope you will support PETA


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