A 'Must visit' fun park in Holland!

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Water, fun and family treats

If you are looking for an excellent family fun visit this is for you!
Presenter Peter Richards and his family visit The Efteling Park. It is something which has become a regular event over many years and something not to be missed!
During the visit Peter interviewed Jennifer Welage.

The World of Wonders

For more than fifty years, Efteling has held a special position in the national and international market for day and holiday recreation. Efteling creates its wonderful image with its multi-faceted interpretation and presentation of fairy tale themes. This unique park draws more than three million visitors to Kaatsheuvel each year. Efteling’s activities focus completely on these visitors and making their short holiday as enchanting and amazing as possible. In addition to creativity, Efteling has laid a foundation of customer orientation and customer friendliness for its World of Wonders.

A magical spirit

Efteling was officially opened on 31st May 1952. The park then consisted of a few sports fields, a playground and ten fairy tales in the Fairy Tale Forest. The initiative taken by the ‘Efteling’ Nature Park Foundation attracted a wide public right from the start. In the early years, the main originators of the magical spirit of Efteling were foundation chairman Van der Heijden, illustrator Anton Pieck and filmmaker / inventor Peter Reijnders. This spirit has always been cherished and guarded. In the decades that followed, Efteling developed dozens of attractions, each of which contributed to a total product that is equalled nowhere. The numerous examples include the Haunted Castle, Fata Morgana, Dream Flight, Villa Volta and the new PandaVision attraction.

Efteling Theatre

With the advent of the imposing Efteling Theatre, Efteling is spreading its wings even further. This Victorian-style theatre is home to the park show during the summer season, and stages other productions such as musicals outside the season. Besides this, it has a multifunctional character and can be used for business functions of every type imaginable. As far as the level of facilities and the architecture are concerned, this new acquisition can count itself among the best providers of theatre accommodation. On top of this, the theatre is located in unique Efteling surroundings, so that a wide range of combinations with the attraction park, hotel and golf park can be made.

Major international prizes

    * the Pomme d’Or (1972)
    * the Applause Award (1992) for best park in the world.
    * the Big E-Award (1999, 2001 and 2003) for the Fairy Tale Show, Efteling on Ice and the Wonderful Efteling Show as best park shows in the world.

Preserver of cultural heritage, nature and the environment

The preservation of our cultural fairy tale heritage in all its facets is one of the underlying motives of Efteling. It plays an active pioneering role in propagating this cultural heritage, and does this successfully. Many many Dutch people admit that they know and love fairy tales and keep them alive thanks to Efteling. Another driving force is the care of nature and the environment. Here, too, Efteling takes an active and innovative position. The positive results of this include the painstaking landscape management of the park, the equally rich flora and fauna of the Efteling Golf Park and the progressive developments in the field of environmental and energy management.

Who hasn’t heard of Efteling?

More than 98% of the Dutch population recognised the name Efteling. In the future, Efteling will focus more strongly on the adult leisure and business markets, as well as the target group of families with children.

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