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LD new route
New UK to Spain service between Poole and Santander in Northern Spain.
Green shoots
The state of the world’s economy, and how thinking effectively will help you
How to be happy
What goes into the food you eat, and how happiness makes you more successful
Photos or ction
Farewell to Britain and fighting with food!
Digital money
Does the world need a new currency? And how a new way to search the Internet can help you.
US shutdown
This week we look at how the world sees the US shutdown and compare the manners of teenagers
Real estate investment
Is real estate a good investment? And why is there still so much poverty in the world?
Music fest from New Orleans
More to enjoy from New Orleans with Jack Snyder
Travel surge
Year-on-year growth in premium bookings between Harwich and the Hook of Holland
School list for expats
Survive your visitors and over eat at a rib contest. Quite a mix from this weeks Twitter feed
Water, water
Water, water everywhere and more to come?
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I've been asked if I can remind everyone that we need to think about requests for our music shows as these are made in advance.

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Expatsradio is preparing for its new service to start in the New Year.

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