Les Invisibles

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Building the dream pool

The Expat radio morning story on written and read by Trevor Morris.
Les Invisibles.

Trevor tells us about the trials and tribulations of trying to get supplies for building in France.
He explains that all the usual supplies that are held in stock in a builders yard are easy to get but when it comes to ordering things like tiles and bathroom fittings then the fun begins!

Trevor Morris is a forty year old builder living and working in the south west of France. He gained an honours degree in English Literature before discovering that his future lay in the less cerebral world of construction. He met and married Sue, the love of his life, within the space of six months while still a student. They have since raised five happy cats and enriched the lives of countless strays. He has been living in France for just over four years.   

He runs a small renovation business, specialising in barn conversions and the general overhaul of the ageing French housing stock.

Most of his clients are English. He is helped in his endeavours by the lovely Sue; the accident prone Guillaume; Darryn the brain-damaged electrician; Pat the melancholy plumber; Donkey-Barn Patrick, and any client that can be roped in to help with the projects.

In his spare time, he writes a weekly column for the Dorset Echo newspaper, and in the time that is left, he works on his own property and dedicates himself to his wife, cats and goldfish.
He writes about his move from the UK to France, starting up a business in a socialist country, the trials and tribulations of integration, ententes cordial and less cordial.

He also writes about his life with Sue and the cats, and his professional experiences. He tries to see the funny side of sometimes tragic situations and heaps scorn and approbation on everybody, nobody more so than his fellow countrymen.

If you are connected with Dorset, you can log in to the Dorset Echo website at: www.dorsetecho.co.uk/features to read a regular feature from Trevor. Alternatively, his website is at: www.vivelarenovation.com where you can learn more about his book 'Vive la renovation!' More to come on Expatsradio.

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