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Farmhouse and mill

Expat Author George East reads the first part of his  book 'French Lessons' for our morning story series.
In this excerpt he recounts the slightly whacky approach to dog walking he had heard about but never witnessed which took place from a car park by a quarry.
With nearly all the cars having an English number plate and another smaller line of French cars watching, the promenade begins.
While the British are here to take the air, clearly the French are there to watch them. No French farmers would take their dogs for a walk as they take their dogs with them everywhere and view the idea of watching others do so as a spectator sport.
As the walking begins, the class system seems to be coming in to play. George notes the fashion employed for this exercise and how the French watch with relish and even a few pair of binoculars!
George has been resident in France for many years and his books have reflected the French and expat lifestyle. His style brings out the differences between the national psyches and his books are always a wonderful read.
In addition, he writes for many leading magazines and has also been a broadcaster. We are proud to have him on Expatsradio.com and hope you will enjoy listening to him as much as we have enjoyed working with him.
To find out more about this travel writer, humourist and - it is generally agreed - nutter, who enjoys wondering and wandering around his second favourite country with wife Donella, sheepdog Milly and a rabbit called Lunch please visit him at:
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