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The autumn paperback catalogue from Summersdale Publishers includes a couple of “must-reads” – one to remind us exactly why we all chose, or aspire to, an expat life in the sun, and another which tells of more than 100 years of scandal and corruption in the high-pressure world of sport... 


A Chorus of Cockerels, by Anna Nicholas

Life in Majorca has always been rather hectic for author Anna Nicholas. With her PR agency in London being merged with another, Anna finds herself with more time than usual to explore the culture and history of the island she now calls home.  That is, of course, when she is not visiting all the local fiestas or tending to her 40 hens and cockerels, several cats and donkeys, and Johnny the Toad...

On her cultural and historic voyage of discovery, she visits fig, olive and snail farms, a textile mill, a sobrassada sausage factory and learns of Mallorca’s rich literary legacy. In between marathon training in the Tramuntana mountains – a UNESCO world heritage site – she is spooked when delving into the myths and Moorish legends that still seem to haunt the surrounding hills, as she examines the ancient remains of ice houses and huts of charcoal burners and hears tales of terrifying brigands that ruled the area in the seventeenth century. And she even finds time to hike the Camino de Santiago along the way…

Anna Nicholas is a freelance journalist and PR consultant. She has run five
full marathons in different countries in the last five years and is a Fellow of
the Royal Geographical Society and a member of Women in Journalism. She
has been an international invigilator for the Guinness Book of Records and
organised an expedition to carry a piano to a remote Amerindian tribe in
South America, which was the subject of a BBC TV documentary!

Her most recent book, A Chorus of Cockerels, subtitled “Walking on the wild side in Mallorca”, wonderfully describes the peace, tranquillity and beauty of Majorca. Priced at £9.99, it offers nearly 300 heart-warming pages of evocative and light-hearted writing.


Sports Scandals, by Norman Ferguson

The high-pressure world of competitive sport has been shaken over the years by a series of major scandals, involving drugs, sex, violence, money or pure and simple cheating.

Incidents have ruined reputations, fuelled suspicions and shocked loyal supporters. Highlighting some of the most memorable cases from around the world, Norman Ferguson explores both recent and historic instances of dishonesty, betrayal and outrageous unsporting behaviour.

Norman’s book chronicles around three dozen such scandals, including how Lance Armstrong deceived his fans and cheated his way to seven Tour de France victories; why the World Cup bidding process brought the FBI to FIFA’s door; and figure skater, Tonya Harding’s sinister plot to break the leg of her rival, Nancy Kerrigan.

Norman Ferguson is an author of books on history, aviation and modern culture. He has worked as a web editor and copywriter. His latest gripping paperback, subtitled “True stories of cheating, corruption and greed”, is 272 pages long and retails at £8.99.


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