Les Barker brings us a little comedy

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Les continues his poetic work

Every so often at EPR we go through the archive and pull out one or two gems from the past. In this programme we visit a recording made with Les Barker.

Les Barker is a comedy poet although he finds it difficult to put his finger on exactly how he should be classified.

He is a prolific writer of books, makes regular CD’s of his performances around the world and even writes music!

Les describes how he got involved with the folk music circuit and then expanded his range. He is often to be heard around the UK and his concerts can easily be recognised by people falling in the aisles and laughing until they cry.

Les has appeared in the USA and took on George Bush at one of his shows.

His charity work is also legendary and CD’s such as ‘Guide Cats for the Blind’ have produced large amounts of cash for worthy causes. His work has been recorded by such artists as Terry Wogan, Prunella Scales, Joss Ackland, Jimmy Young, Ken Bruce, Roy Hudd, Nicholas Parsons and even Paul Gambaccini.

Some famous artists are to be heard in this programme.

His website www.mrsackroyd.com is dedicated to his dog who used to accompany him around the country. From this you will gather that this is a man with very different ideas and huge talent. We recommend you listen to the interview and visit his site if poetry with a twist is your thing.

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