The National Lottery looking for British Expat Families

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Nick Knowles heads new programme segment

This is your chance to get on TV! BBC Game Show - The National Lottery: 5 Star Reunion Looking for British Expat Families


12 Yard Productions (owned by ITV studios) and Boom Cymru (A Twofour Company) have been commissioned by BBC One to co-produce a new Saturday night entertainment format, 5 Star Family Reunion (8 x 50’).


5 Star Family Reunion (w/t) will see a UK family and their overseas relatives working together, both from the studio and over satellite link, to win a once in a lifetime reunion in a five star location.


The family overseas must answer questions to win as much time as they possibly can for the family in the studio. That’s because the four in the studio will individually face questions against the show’s high-tension timer in a bid to put money in the bank and bring everyone together. If they can prove themselves under pressure, then they are in for the reunion of a lifetime. 5 Star Family Reunion will premiere on BBC One later this year and will be hosted by Nick Knowles.


5 Star Family Reunion is executive produced by Michael Mannes for 12 Yard and Ronw Protheroe for Boom Cymru. It was commissioned by Charlotte Moore, Controller of BBC One and Alan Tyler, Executive Editor, Entertainment Commissioning for the BBC.


Alan Tyler, Executive Editor, Entertainment Commissioning, BBC said: “We are delighted to be working with 12 Yard and Boom Cymru to bring 5 Star Family Reunion to a BBC One audience. The format promises a perfect combination of head and heart, delivering both terrific stories and 'edge of the seat' gameplay.”


To find out more email - family@12yard.com

Link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/beonashow/5_star_family_reunion


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