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Moving abroad? We don’t have to tell you that there is an awful lot to think about and do before you can step over the threshold of your new home. Where to settle… financing your new property… rent or buy… money transfer… education… taking your pets… telephone/internet connection… the language barrier… home and health insurance… legal representation… These and probably a thousand other worries could easily put you off the whole idea! But help is at hand. ExpatsRadio provides a constant stream of programmes on all these topics, brought to you by experts and people who have already successfully overcome such concerns. Tune in and learn from them…
Pete passport regulations have changed this year
Pet passport regulations for EU travel
Cooking with Jean-Christophe
Star chef Jean-Christophe Novelli tells us all about his arrival in the UK. Part two very soon.
Help with relocation
From our archive: Katya Barry joins us for the second time to talk about relocating with your children. She starts by suggesting ways of settling the children into the local community. Language does not have to be a barrier for the youngest ones and even those in their teens.
A jacket potato is always delicious
From our archive: Potatoes have been our favourite food for 8 thousand years. Sarah Jamieson, a New Zealander living in Amsterdam at the time of this programme, presents her first piece from an expats perspective for Expatsradio.com
Cameron resigns
How going abroad will change for UK travellers
Mark brings us his new title
Mark brings us 20 years of experience of living in France
EU brexit
Property owners across the EU have begun to worry over what this could mean for them.
Having a baby in Holland
Having your baby in Holland as an expat
Moving down under
Brits can now test whether they have the rights skills to move down under.
Chez Teresa
Living abroad can be successful despite the UK media reports
Balearics top poll
In 2013 the Balearics had the highest number of property sales to foreign investors in Spain
Japanese sushi
Japan, Switzerland and Norway have topped the list of countries where expats find living costs much higher than costs in the UK

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