Could you move down under? Test yourself online!

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New online service for possible expats

Could you move down under? Test yourself online!           

A UK migration specialist has launched a new website where Brits can test whether they have the rights skills to move down under.

Both Australia and New Zealand have major skills shortages and are looking to the UK to recruit the thousands of workers they need.  To help fill these roles the Emigration Group has launched a new website http://www.emigrationgroup.com/ so Brits can test if they are eligible for a visa to live and work in Australia and New Zealand.

Paul Arthur, director of The Emigration Group said: "New Zealand and Australia are in the middle of an economic boom and there are now thousands of job opportunities which need to be filled by skilled workers from overseas.  Sectors where there are particular shortages down under are in the automotive, medical, IT and construction fields, but there are a vast range of job opportunities for skilled Brits and both countries are actively encouraging migration down under."

"The new website will provide a simple, but comprehensive source of relevant information for Brits looking to move down under, and will also offer a free eligibility test, so potential migrants can assess whether they have the right skills to pursue the dream of moving overseas."

According to Paul the gap between supply and demand for highly skilled staff has grown substantially over the past three years and there is no sign of it declining any time soon. He said: "In New Zealand in particular over 35 per cent of employers are now taking new measures to attract overseas staff such as increased starting salaries, clearer development paths and additional training."

Australia and New Zealand are consistently rated as being amongst the best countries to live in the world, with cities like Auckland and Melbourne consistently voted in the top three cities to live for quality of life (Mercer Quality of Living Survey).

 Paul said: "Many Brits are looking for a better work life balance, where they can enjoy quality free time and a successful career.  Australia and New Zealand are countries that offer this lifestyle opportunity and now with so many shortages there is a good chance that your occupation is on the 'in demand list', which means you could be eligible for a permanent residence visa."

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