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Tony and Teresa
Over the last 9 years that we have been covering expat matters, it has become apparent that those who plan well and take good professional advice do generally make a go of it. Of course there are always pulls back to the land of your birth caused by emotional ties for grandchildren or simply the lifestyle you had expected has become too expensive to maintain following the financial upheavals of the last few years.
In recent weeks we have seen examples of failures highlighted in the UK press so we thought it might be a good idea to redress the balance by introducing you to a couple who have been living the dream and, despite some ups and downs, have no plans to return.
We first met Teresa and Tony when we were making a series of programmes on the road in France. One sunny afternoon we pulled up in Fontevraud and went in search of a cup of tea. 
Those of you familiar with this village will be aware there is a beautiful abbey to visit. A few doors down we spotted Chez Teresa and so began our contact with this versatile couple.
Now, years on, we have been discussing what has changed and through their new website www.lettersandlunchesfromtheloire.com/ you can get a glimpse of their life together. You can also contact Teresa and chat.
I mentioned that we have here a versatile couple well,  Teresa and Tony have now got a recipe book covering the treats that they serve in their tea room. Of course, if you are planning a trip to the Loire, the B&B is also worth a visit. www.chezteresa.fr
Needless to say, we got a delicious cup of tea with scones on our first visit and are looking forward to a repeat when we are next recording in the area. 
As a footnote, we would love to hear from any of you out there who have moved away and are still enjoying the lifestyle. We shall be making a new series of programmes in 2015 so perhaps you would like to take part. Equally, if you have had problems, we would also like to hear from you.
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