Swiss Christmas in Emmental

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Have a wonderful Emmental Christmas

Our Swiss correspondent, Bob Zanotti, joins us once more from his home near Berne to tell us a bit about Christmas in his region. Bob has been living and working on the radio scene in Switzerland for many years and he has observed the customs and sometimes, peculiaritites of this beautiful country. We hope you will enjoy this personal take on Christmas in his home region and that you will join him here on Expatsradio in 2013 for more insights into the life there.

Here is a little more about Bob:

Bob Zanotti is an American Swiss, raised in New Jersey, but he has lived most of his life abroad. He studied broadcast journalism in New York and Montreal in the 1960’s, where he also worked in commercial and university radio. Bob joined the English-language service of Swiss Radio International in 1970, and was with them as a fulltime international shortwave broadcaster until 2002.

In addition to regular duties at SRI, Bob produced special features while on missions in Africa, Central America and Asia for The League of Red Cross Societies, the Swiss Red Cross, World Health Organization, World Meteorological Organization, Unicef, and Enfants du Monde.

After 32 years with SRI, Bob retired early, and went on to start his own website, www.switzerlandinsound.com in 2004, which is now the only Swiss-based source of English-language radio reporting about Switzerland in the classic style.

From his home studio in the Emmental region near Berne, Bob reports for Expatsradio on political and cultural issues of interest to the expat community in Switzerland and elsewhere.


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