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Here at ExpatsRadio we take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to our loyal followers. That’s why we have regular travel and transport bulletins and, when required, almost instant updates on situations that might affect you… strikes, ferry or airport disruptions, service cancellations, major rail or road problems. We also like to bring you the good news - bargain fare offers, new air or sea services, and interviews with some of the major travel companies. Tune in, and stay abreast of the latest happenings.
Left or right hand drive car spares
The on-line solution for parts for your left or right hand drive vehicle
Cycling for pleasure
A fascinating insight into France – its regions, its cultures, its gastronomy, its people, its hidden gems.
Eurotunnel celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Treaty of Canterbury
Days out free
A brochure guide to some of the best free days out around the UK, in partnership with Age UK.
Flight tickets by weight
Majority of Britons Would Support ‘Pay as you Weigh’ Flight Tickets
Spam spoils your holiday
Holiday spam can account for up to six percent of all spam received.
Huge bottle on display
Edinburgh has a new ‘big’ attraction - the world’s largest bottle of single malt Scotch whisky. The giant bottle stands 4ft 9in tall and contains 105.3 litres of Tomintoul 14-year-old single malt – equivalent to 150 standard bottles, or 5,250 drams, of Scotland’s national drink.
Food abroad
The majority of Brits (97%) are likely to be more adventurous with their food when on holiday than when at home in the UK.
Beautiful moonscape
A series of new volcano trails have been created on Tenerife, affording walkers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the island’s natural and volcanic landscape.
Odd traditions of Brits
Brits keep up old traditions no matter how odd!

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