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One in six Britons think Brexit would mean they'd be banned from holidaying in Europe

The results of a recent poll have revealed that 16% of Britons are under the impression that if the majority vote for a Brexit in the upcoming EU referendum, it will mean that UK residents are no longer allowed to go on holiday to countries part of the European Union. Of those who mistakenly thought that the European borders would be closed in the event of a Brexit, 88% were planning to vote to "stay" in the upcoming referendum.

The number of Britons who mistakenly think that they would not be allowed to holiday abroad in Europe in the event of a Brexit has been revealed in the study, which was conducted by an online travel agency in an effort to discover more about Britons' understanding of the Brexit and what its implications could be.

The team behind www.sunshine.co.uk spoke to 2,126 people aged 18 and over from various regions around the UK and asked them questions about their understanding of the Brexit and what impact they felt it could have on travel and holidays. Before starting the poll, participants were informed that an EU referendum would be taking place on June 23th, which would determine whether or not Britain remained part of the European Union or left it. That was all the information they were given.

All respondents were asked 'From your understanding, please select from the below list what you think a Brexit would mean for Britain in the upcoming EU referendum'. The top 5 answers were as follows:

1.      Holidays abroad to the EU would become more expensive - 61%

2.      Holidays abroad to the EU would become cheaper - 39%

3.      Britons would no longer be allowed to holiday abroad to EU countries - 16%

4.      British tourism from overseas residents would decline - 14%

5.      Devaluation of the pound (worth less Euros) - 11%

 One in ten respondents (9%) said that they felt they would be treated badly by those living in other EU countries if Britain decided to leave the European Union and they decided to holiday there.

Of the respondents who were of the belief that a Brexit would mean that the European borders were closed off to Britons wanting to holiday there, 88% planned to vote "stay" in the upcoming referendum. However, 27% of the total respondents said that they wouldn't be voting at all.

More than half, 52%, of the people taking part in the poll admitted to feeling 'confused' about what leaving or staying in the EU would mean for Britons.

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of www.sunshine.co.uk, commented: "Despite the constant talk of what would and wouldn't happen if Britons voted to leave or stay in the EU, people are still clearly confused as to what either decision would mean for us. I'd hope that I can, at the very least, reassure people that a Brexit wouldn't mean that other EU countries shut their borders to us for holidays, but as yet it's hard to say how it could impact travel costs. There's a lot that's yet to be determined."



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