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Changing your nationality

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Ramussen: 9% of Americans considered dumping US citizenship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyOMT1ragIo #tlot #tcot #tvot #tgnd #expatriation

IamExpat: 5 fatal assumptions about learning & speaking Dutch http://shar.es/E10dJ

How The World Sees The Government Shutdown http://thkpr.gs/1hi8msC

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Expat in Taipei, Taiwan
An Open Thank You Letter to the Parents of Travelers. http://wp.me/p3F6QO-5i

Re-pat in the USA
The South African Teenager vs the American Teenager http://www.joburgexpat.com/2013/10/the-south-african-teenager-vs-america...

Expat in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Our Thailand budget went down in flames. Here's what happened. http://tielandtothailand.com/thailand-budget-mistakes/ #thailand #travel #budget #fail


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